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In the old days, before credit and debit cards were around, people could only spend as much money as what they had in their wallets. This was a simple way to control spending. With modern habits it is difficult to control spending. Luckily, the gWallet Pro App is a virtual wallet that makes a bridge between the old and modern spending habits. Thus, helping you control your money.

Using the gWallet Pro App is as easy as 1,2,3...

Step 1: Choose your personal or business wallet. The App will handle each wallet separately, sharing the same features. You also have the option to choose the 3rd wallet for temporary events or expenses, such as a dream vacation or an awesome party!.

Step 2: Set your daily, weekly or monthly budget by adding money to your gWallet Pro App, as you would add to a physical wallet. You can add money to your cash, debit or credit budgets.

Step 3: Then enjoy nice dinners or go shopping, register your expenditures and let gWallet Pro help you control your money.

The gWallet Pro App has a default set of categories (Food, Gas, Dining, etc.) and a default set of subcategories (Restaurants, Coffee Shops, etc.) for keeping track of your expenses. You can add or delete categories based on your daily expenses.

This easy-to-use app, not only password protects all your sensitive data, but encrypts sensitive credit and debit card information that you may add to gWallet Pro for quick reference. Also, you can take a pic of your ID and stored in gWallet Pro, giving you quick access for key information when you are paying for services.

It's easy to get started!

So, what are you waiting for? Download your gWallet Pro App today and take control of your money.

If you just need a simple way to help you control your spending, check out our gWallet Personal Wallet.


• Two standard wallets (personal & business) and a third temporary wallet
• Unlimited number and editable transactions (*)
• Standard customizable expense categories and subcategories, with an unlimited number (*)
• Option to use categories only (disable subcategories)
• Simple reports of total expenditures or expenses of a given category
• The reports can be weekly, monthly or yearly
• Maintains the expenses you make for each credit or debit card
• Take photo of your ID and put it in gWallet Pro
• Put your credit/debit card data (including pin number), and also take a photo of your card
• Password (and Touch ID enabled) protected your sensitive data (credit/debit card data, transactions and other)
• Unlimited number of credit or debit cards (*)
• Color warning for about to expire or expired cards
• iCloud compatible to Auto Backup user data
• Maintains historical records for each wallet
• Export the transactions database by e-mail; in sqlite3, XML and CSV formats

(*) limited by device available storage capacity.

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