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Honeymoon Wishes is the world's best honeymoon registry. For over 14 years Honeymoon Wishes has offered a registry designed for discerning couples who choose only the best vendors for their wedding & honeymoon. Through this app you can create your dream honeymoon and list amazing experiences that friends & family can give you as a memorable wedding present. See why over 650,000 wedding couples have chosen HoneymoonWishes.com as their wedding registry!

* Free to set up

* Optional unlimited gift money transfer straight to your bank account (avoid PayPal fees!)

* Option to have your gift money transferred to one of our 800 exclusive partner Hotels & Cruise Lines

* We’re the only Registry app supported by real-life, USA-based Customer Service Agents - our toll-free support line is ready to assist you and your not-so-tech-savvy guests!

* Tens of thousands of gift options to choose from or create your own

* Save time by using our “one click” registry list or build your own in minutes

* Your Registry list and Wedding Website are completely free of advertisements - we don’t spam your guests with tacky ads!

* No hidden fees, bait & switch or mandatory PayPal transfer fees - you control how small service % is handled

* Free Premium Wedding Website - including our RSVP tool!

We are here to help your friends and family every step of the way and send you on the honeymoon of your dreams!

How it works:

1) Sign up for free

2) Select your destination, hotel or cruise line

3) Register for activities, room upgrades, tours, anything you wish for on your dream honeymoon!

4) Create a personal website to share your info, post photos & have guests RSVP

5) Use our social media share tools or our email wizard to let friends & family know where you are registered

6) Guests visit your site and purchase gifts you have selected

7) Guests will be able to fill in a gift card to send to you

8) Receive your gift money anytime, as many times as you’d like and take the honeymoon you’ll remember forever!

Safe & Secure:

* 100% Satisfied Purchase Guarantee for your guests

* The only online registry trusted by over 800 Hotels & Cruise Lines

* Bonded & Insured $3M

* PCI Compliant with the highest security standards

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