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パブリッシャー: Heiko Goes
評価: 評価がありません
価格: 6.99 USD
互換性: iPhone & iPad


ダウンロードランキング - iPhone - 日本




iArcheryScores keeps track of your archery scores. It is designed with special attention to easy and exact usage. You enter a score just by dragging your arrow onto the target. Afterwards you automatically get a scorecard including the target-face showing all your arrows. You can send these results to any computer via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook. In contrast to other archery apps the arrow gets an an arrowhead when touched. That allows for a very exact placement, because your finger doesn´t obscure the target.
iArcheryScore supports FITA recurve, compound,field, IFFA indoor, Beursault and stylized 3D faces.

You can reach me via:

You create a new session, by entering a name, date and optionally a comment. You select a predefined session-type that automatically creates the rounds or you select a custom session and create the rounds by yourself. When using arrow-numbers you are able to access you quiver, add arrows to it and your results will automatically include arrow-statistics.

After selecting a round, you see the empty target-face for the first end. You enter your results by dragging your arrows onto the right spot. When touching an arrow, it transforms into an arrow with an arrowhead. That allows for a very exact placement. Additionally you see the current score beside your arrow while moving it. (You can use a "magnifying glass" for a even more exact placement of your arrows, especially when using the full FITA-target.) After entering the first end you switch to the next one by using the swipe-gesture or by pressing the next/previous-button.

After finishing one round, you are able to sign/lock it.That makes it impossible to accidentally change the round and will show the resulting score, when beginning the next round.

You are able to look at your scorecard all the time.

After finishing your round, you can send it via e-mail.
The e-mail contains your scorecard and the face including all arrow-hits.

- Open-Ended rounds:
You are able to shoot "open-ended" rounds. Select "1+" ends when creating a new round. iArcheryScores creates one end and you are able to add new ends just by pressing the button to goto the next round. The button show a additional +-Symbol to clarify this possibility.

- Custom distances: you can enter and select custom distances (m, yd, ft).

- Sight settings: you can now sight settings per distance and per round. When creating a new round, the sight setting is taken from the corresponding distance. The distance setting is not affected by changes of the round setting.

Some archers experienced a slight movement of the arrow, after they released it.
It seems, that they are not taking off their finger directly, but unintentionally let their finger slide before taking it off.
These archers can use "auto-shoot".
You can turn it on, by pressing the grayed-arrow-button near the zoom-button. There you can also set the delay for it to work.
When "auto-shoot" is enabled and you place the arrow at the target without moving your finger, the arrow is shot automatically, without you lifting your finger.
The delay-time tells how long you have to keep you finger down without moving it.

For additionally screenshots please visit my website.

If you are missing your language, please do contact me.

- German translation by Heiko Goes
- Spanish Translation by Mr. Stefan Böther
- Korean Translation by Mr. Hyung Tak Kim
- Dutch Translation by Mr. Herrn Eric Wijdeman
- Russisan Translation by Mrs. Natalia Valeeva
- Italian Translation by Mr. Marco Pedrazzi
- French Translation by Mr. Pascal Colmaire
- Polish translation by Mr. Marcin Golygowski
- Chinese translation by Ting-Ni Chen

fita goes compounds compound 3d card

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