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[IELTS Preparation Pro version, no ads, Internet connection required]
This application brings to you the best IELTS courses and skills to prepare for the exams.
It is organized in three main pages and many topics to training fully four skills of tests!
So comprehensive, easy learning and being well prepared for the IELTS exams!

*Page I:
Very comprehensive, clearly explanations, many analysis, structures and variety of topics. This page contains latest updating videos which are most common to learners!
-IELTS Prep Series 1
-IELTS Prep Series 2
-IELTS Prep Series 3

*Page II: This page trains you all of four skills of IELTS exams: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing skills. Specifically, this page also carefully teach you in details how to best prepare for the writing sections.
-Listening Section
-Speaking Section
-Reading Section
-Writing: Taks1 Task 2 structures
-Writing: Task1 Task 2 analysis and sample response

*Page III: Exam Tips from users and teachers to get high scores before you taking on Exams!
-IELTS Exam Tips from students: bring to you the best experience and tips how to get high score in the IELTS exams.

[Enjoy and good luck]

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