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ICalc - Ingress Calculator is a collection of simple calculators that may be useful while in the field playing Ingress. The following calculations can be made with ICalc:

Hack Calc - Calculates the number of hacks including the cooldown time between hacks for any combination of Multi-hacks and Heat Sinks, as well as the total time to "Burnout" the portal.

AP Calc - Calculates the total amount of AP that can be earned by neutralizing a portals resonators, links and fields as well as rebuilding a portals resonators, links and fields.

Shield Calc - Calculates the amount of defense (mitigation) against attacks as a percentage.

Portal Calc - Calculates the portal level for a given set of resonators. Also calculates the link distance in Meters and Miles.

Link Calc - Calculates the number of level 8 agents and the number of Rare and/or Very Rare Link Amps that would be required to throw a specific distance entered.

Perfect Calc - Calculates the maximum number of links and fields possible for a given set of portals, otherwise know as "Perfect Linking." Also calculates the amount of AP that would be earned.

Cycle Calc - Calculates the start and end times for the current Septicycle and the next 35 checkpoints for the regional mind unit scoring.

As always assume that there may be some issues with some devices and please contact us if you find anything that needs fixing.

ICalc - Ingress Calculator is NOT affiliated in any way with Google Inc., Niantic Labs or Ingress.

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