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Looking for Job Interview Questions with Answers App ? You're at the right place.

Job Interview Questions and Answers App provides you a wide range of interview questions (with smart answers) that an organization demands from candidates.

All the questions and answers are designed to be as specific and realistic as possible.

We covered almost all common questions for any type of interviews starting from introduction to salary negotiation. Complete reading of this app will lead you to success in any type of job interviews.

This app will add value to your job search/growth and interview skills with detailed questions and answers.

> 40 Most Important Interview Questions covered for each Subject Areas.
> 14 Different Subjects covered
- General (HR)
- Java
- .NET
- Data Structure
- Finance
- Marketing
- Electronics
- C/C++
- Networking
- Software Testing
- Unix

1 Easy to use GUI and Navigation Controls
2 Simply Fast and Requires NO Internet Connection
3 Guides you for preparing your resume before interview
4 Helps you rehearse/practice own answers & compare them
5 Answers important interview tips like
- What to do when you don't know the Answer ?
- What to wear on the day of Interview ?
6 Strong Services & We do really work on your feedback..!!

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