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Jamaica Stocks Watch App #WatchJM lists all the stocks on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) Main Market and Junior Market:

◉ Main Market Ordinary Shares
◉ Main Market Preference Shares
◉ Junior Market Ordinary Shares
◉ Junior Market Preference Shares

Select the stocks you are interested in, and watch the changes over a day, a few days, a week, a month, a quarter and over a year. Monitor your investments and future investments and use the access to information to make the best choices for the growth of your financial wealth.

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You can have one or two watch lists of individual stocks from the Main Market or Junior Market. Your second watch list can be stocks you plan to buy, connected industries, or used to separate your fast moving and slow moving stocks.

You can add up to five stocks in each Watchlist.

Each Watchlist can be sorted by Close Price, Last Traded Price, Closing Ask, Closing Bid.

Set an alert for where the you want the price to be, or a change in the dollar amount, or percentage, or if the stock trades over a certain volume.

Select any stock from your Watchlist to see trading information from each trading day up to the past year. See volume of each day, highest trade price, lowest trade price, all in bite sized form.

You can compare any two stocks side by side. Review each trading day's information and view the data on one chart.

Review price fluctuations and volume changes in response to each other. See comparison for the past year.

With Watch JM You can see Stocks Advancing, Stocks Declining, Stocks Trading Firm for Over the Last Day, Week, Month or Quarter. You can also see Outstanding Shares for each company and Market Capitalisation of each company. In the app you can see how companies rank on their exchange or as an entire market.

You Can see Charts by a few days, month, quarter, or over the year. Zoom into the charts to see more details.

You can also toggle charts between price changes and volume trades for each of these periods.

New Features are coming soon for our free app including Portfolio, and More historical data.

Our Subscription Version will also be available soon with Unlimited Watchlist Size, Up To 10 Watch Lists, Unlimited Alerts, Business News (Premier), and Your Portfolio to track the growth of your stocks

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This app was built in Jamaica by Jamaicans

After several months of investor funding, coding, testing, meetings and reviews, we are ready to provide the first version to users.

When we invest in business, we invest in communities; which build a better, stronger, wealthier Jamaica.We built this app to foster interest in successful and/or promising businesses that are on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE), and build confidence in supporting/ investing in other business not yet listed.

The Jamaica Stocks Watch App provides a simple method to watch Stocks on the JSE, by allowing filtering to your interests. The stock market trading information comes from the JSE at the end of each trading day.

The Jamaica Stocks Watch App was built by Bazzle Amusement

BAZZLE Amusement (www.bamt.co) produces and provides marketing and media services to individuals and companies here in Jamaica and around the Caribbean in the form of videos,photographs, mobile applications, websites and literature. Although registered with the Company's Office of Jamaica in 2012, the years of experience by the BAZZLE Amusement team surpasses seven years in various fields and expertise. Our slogan 'How You Feel' represents our commitment to satisfying the needs of our clients and audiences.

Visit our WatchJM website www.watchjm.com
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Call for more information 1-876-543-4342

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