Kids Food - Recipes for babies toddlers and family .

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Welcome to our new Baby & Kids Recipes app. Here you'll find all delicious, nutritious recipes for your little ones. Discover our kid-friendly recipe collection of quick and healthy recipes from breakfast to lunch, plus snacks and desserts that your kids will love. We'll teach you how to make baby’s first food, sandwiches, cakes, and even drinks that are not only appealing for kids to eat but also rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients they need. Each recipe has in detail information of required ingredients, directions along with images.
This will be the best FREE kids friendly recipe app for you.

- Access a wide collection of recipes with details cooking instructions.
- Organize your meals for special events by adding menus and recipes to the schedule.
- Bookmark and manage your favorite foods.
- Share recipes with friends and family via Email or Facebook.
- Get and share some useful tips of cooking for kids
- Do not require internet connection

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