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パブリッシャー: Salman Aslam
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Long Heavy Truck Cargo Drive Simulation 2018

Here is Long Heavy Truck Cargo Drive Simulation 2018 game which will give you opportunity to live your dream of HEAVY cargo truck driver life. It provides the different environments of real life cargo truck driver life like traveling through offroad forests and jungles, offroad travel through Mountains and Hills and most dangerous Mountain ranges of the world like Himalayas, CPEC, Karakorum and worlds most scenic beauties of coastal highways, sand deserts and mountains and hills filled with snow to experience offroad driving. It will also take you to the trip of Amazon River rain forests.

Cargo truck driving is crazy experience with so much of crazy fun. This game provides you challenge with long trucks and cargo which is not easy to handle specially with load.
Go Crazy with Heavy Long Cargo Truck Driver Simulation 2018 experience with realistic surroundings and tough challenges of missions which can give you different challenge of driving through day, night desert and snow storms.

Get ready to play a most realistic truck free game Cargo Transporter Truck Driver is a brand new story game where you can enjoy cargo simulation and crazy driving on same time. Go on your truck driving. Roads are curly and fuel is short. You are a truck cargo driver in year 2018. Drive this Long Heavy Cargo Transporter Truck Driver simulator mountain drive Fill up your tank and transport goods to its destination.

Cargo Transporter Truck Driver Simulator is in 3D and is a real extreme fun. This Cargo Transporter Truck Driver game gives you a chance to be a real truck driver of this cargo truck, which travels on mountains rivers sides and coastal highways.

Let's go on to ride with this truck on across all he continents like Euro, Asia and America truck having real features trucks used in Euro and American cargo systems. Euro trucks and American truck cargo is best way to transport across vast areas. Euro Truck cargo and American cargo trucks are specialized to travel long distances. Please use fuel carefully during your simulation experience.

Let's start heavy engine, and drive monster 4x4 truck on furious of jungle, desert and snow. Deliver cargo and unlock each mode of this Cargo Transporter Truck Driver Simulator game one by one.

These Monster trucks give you real drive experience and very crazy feel. Long Heavy Cargo Transporter Truck Driver Simulator 2018 gives you chance to be a truck racer for this truck racing game. Avoid crashes into traffic rush and drive truck to different hill stations in hill mountain drive on real speed. Hills and mountains drive is really amazing as a cargo transporter duty driver in rash driving truck rush on truck speed or ultra speed to win this. Don't forget to fill your fuel through the oil pumps in your way. Be the best Euro Cargo Truck Driver or American Cargo Truck driver this is not game of a country but continents champion of world not one country.

You need to account for weather changes as well there might be rain snow storm or desert storm so need to be careful
If you are fan of 3D Drive game or Car game, you will enjoy this Future Cargo Truck to transport wood logging, Oil from on destination to other. In fact 98% people unable to complete our all stages

Long Heavy Cargo Transporter Truck Driver Simulator Features:
Long Heavy Different Trucks
Easy to play
Round about Drive Experience
Smooth and steady controls
Different Maps (Forest, Mountains, Desert and Snow Mountains)
Weather Variations
Day and Night modes

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