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Macquarie School Dictionary

パブリッシャー: Pan Macmillan Australia
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*Macquarie Dictionary is the official dictionary of The Great Australian Spelling Bee.*

The Macquarie School Dictionary app is the perfect study companion, providing a comprehensive reference of Australian English.

Designed especially for students, and with thousands of images and audio pronunciations, this app answers your needs on matters of spelling, pronunciation and usage, giving you confidence in both spoken and written language. Suitable for upper primary and secondary students as well as adults.

This app downloads direct to your device and does not require an internet connection to use.*

Simple and fast search of over 60,000 words and phrases including 6000+ encyclopedic entries and 22,000+ word origins.
• The built-in Fuzzy search helps you find words that are tricky to spell
• Use the Voice search for when you don’t know how to spell out the word
• Wildcard search options let you discover groups of words
• Browse through all entries to discover new words
• Cross-reference links mean you can tap on any word within an entry to find out what it means

• Images for over 3000 entries
• Bookmark entries to create a personalised list of tricky words
• Our unique Note-taking feature lets you add your own comments to any entry
• The Recent search list lets you see which words you’ve looked at recently
• Thousands of audio pronunciations let you hear how a word sounds in a true Aussie accent
• Illustrative phrases show you how words are used in context
• Learn the origins of words with thousands of etymologies
• Usage notes give extra information about how a word is used

• Word of the Day
• Punctuation Guide
• Explanatory Notes
• IPA pronunciations
• Share content with others

(Note: initial access to audio pronunciations and images requires internet connection. Once you have accessed an image or pronunciation it will be saved locally for future use.)

This app is from the publishers of the popular, authoritative Macquarie Dictionary — Australia's national dictionary. The Macquarie Dictionary continues to change, adapt and re-adjust to reflect Australian language.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please contact us directly at

Macquarie, by definition Australian

Copyright © Macquarie Dictionary Publishers 2014

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