Mobile Expense Tracker Pro

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Expense Tracker, Personal Finance Manager, Home Budget and Account Manager
***** Top reasons to have Yes Budget Pro
• Simple, easy to use, visually rich app
• Full fledged account setup and balance updates
• Monthly budgeting with visually rich Budget vs Actuals tracking
• Budget template to configure once and supports automatic budgeting for both Category and Subcategory
• Recurring transactions and Bills with custom interval period
• Monthly report with PDF email option
• Interactive, visually rich, business intelligent enabled Pie Chart, Bar Chart
• Intelligent views to analyze the spending at Category level monthly, yearly or over all
• Account management with balance and transactions drill down for monthly expenses by account types savings, credit card, debit card, etc.,
• Drill down transactions view by Budget, Recurring, Account, Category and Payee
• Import bank and other transactions from CSV
• In-built calculator for amount entry
• Family Sync using iCloud

Know Where Your Money Goes

•Mobile Expense Pro is a graphical Income and Expense Analysis tool with the provision to set Budgets and compare them against the actuals.
•Analysis tools that helps you to find out where your money goes by a specific period or a specific category or a specific item
•Loaded up with most commonly used Income and Expense Categories, and allows you to setup your own categories as well.
•Easy User interactive Reports and Graphs that helps easy analysis.

Easy Data Entry

•Import your expenses from Credit or Debit Bank Statement into the tool as-is. All you need is download a CSV file from your Banking System and upload it in Easy to Follow Steps
•Easy to use Expense / Income / Budge Item Entry Screens with on the fly Calculations
•Easy to maintain Recurring Expense or Income Items, once set the items are automatically handled all throughout the period without any additional entry


•Select the Expense / Income over a period with easily selectable Year / Month
•Interactive Pie and Bar Charts to Visualize the breakdown of each category or item against the total Expense or Income for any period
•Rotate the interactive Pie to Select a Category and see the detailed Breakdown of the items
•Color and Visualization differentiation for items based on Expense / Income / Transfers and for their categories


•Manage Your Budget for each of the categories for a period, and compare them against the actuals right on
•Create Budget Template once for common items and your budget will be set for each month automatically
•Graphical representations on items that go over the budget and fluent calculations on the fly
•Option to Roll-Over your remaining budgeted amount to the next month as a carry forward


•Setup your Accounts once, and see your account current balances offline anytime based on your transaction data entry either through imports or manual
•View your account Opening Balance, Transfers (Funds In / Funds Out) and Closing Balances by Month
•Built in Expense and Income Categories based on the industry standards. Modify or create your own Categories and Sub-Categories on top of them
•Once an expense or Income Items are set to a category all future entries are automatically set to the same category.
•Visualize the breakdown of the Expense and Income Items by Category or the Item itself over a period of time on an easy selectable interactive screen on interactive Charts


•Create Monthly reports in PDF and send out email


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