Money Game Golf

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Tired of spending time on the 19th hole doing math while your buddies enjoy a beverage? Quit wasting time after each hole trying to figure out who won what.

Have you ever felt like your buddy has messed up the math? Never again worry about it.

Introducing Money Game Golf.

The Money Game Golf app allows golfers to easily and accurately track their on course bet and score. Simply enter the score for each player on each hole and Money Game instantly calculates the pot and the player's net and gross score. Players will have real time updates on where the bet stands and their score at all times.

It's not a game until it's a money game.

* Multiple game formats pre loaded including Wolf, Skins, 9 Point, and Flip
*16,000 plus courses pre loaded in the app
*Just want to keep your group's score. Use the Stroke play feature
* Lots of trash bet bet tracking options for Greenies, Bridies, Sandies, Hammers and more!
* Detailed score view gives a complete picture of each player's score and pot value on a hole-by-hole basis.
* Play with handicaps or not. Money Game Golf will determine the pops for each on each hole automatically.

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