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The Munros app gives you access to a whole wrath of information on all 282 of Scotland’s Munros in a clean easy to use interface. Our app links directly to our website to give you all the information you need for a day out on the hills at your finger tips!

The app offers the following features:

• Filterable/Sort-able list of all 282 Munros. Filter by climbed/not-climbed. Sort-able by height, distance, region or alphabetical name.

• In-depth overviews and descriptions for all Munros.

• Road, Satellite and OS map views for all Munros and Munro regions.

• Images for the Munros which have been added by other users on

• User comments for the Munro left by other users of the Munros app and

• Gaelic translations for those tricky Munro Names!

• Real time distances between your current location and the summit.

• Interactivity with to maintain a log of hills climbed. The app can be synced to/from the climbthemunros website.

• Keep your own private comments and dates from your day on the hills. Can enter multiple dates for repeat rounds.

• Links to Munro weather forecasts from MWIS and the Met Office.

• Munro count and overall completion status display on main page.

• View previous displayed Munros easily from the main page.

• Images for all Munros

This App is the modern day tick list for all Munro baggers and walkers and a must for anyone who loves getting out into Scotland’s fantastic hills!

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