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My Boss Is Too Hot and Wild!

パブリッシャー: Arithmetic
評価: 評価がありません
価格: トップ無料 アプリ内課金あり
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Why don't you fall in love with your hot boss and enjoy the thrilling office love affair?

Be the only one who is loved by those hot guys in the office!
-Cute boy, the colleague
-Sadistic guy, the boss
-Smart guy, your company's business partner.
-And so on!

All of the guys approaching you to steal your heart!
Get ready and employed by this hot and wild company now!


[[The Story]]

One day, you broke up with your boyfriend?! You were depressed so much since he was the one you had been dating with for many years.
However, your colleagues suddenly confessed his love to you!
"Well then, you can just go out with me."
Not only him, but also other three different type of hot guys are all starting to approach you!
They tried to get your love with their own ways!
The way of they approach you is somehow too hot and wild so you wouldn't tell it to anybody!
And finally your heart was stole by "the one"...
Wanna get approached a bit forcibly by the provocative hot guys?
Come and get employed by the company, and enjoy the secret love affair in the office!


[[The Characters]]

・Ryoji Kaji
Ryoji: "Give me 2 months. I'll definitely make you fall for me within 2 months."
He is your senpai,(colleague who has been working longer than you) and he was such a reliable person.
You didn't even imagine that he will be your potential boyfriend!
When you were confused because of his sudden approach, he showed a vicious smile and started to play around you!?
You: "R, Ryoji..., Wait! We are not allowed to do 'this kind of thing' in the conference room...!"

・Kaoru Kuryu
Kaoru: "I know you like it."
The cool and elite colleague found something you've been hided!
Then he suddenly changed to such a sadistic vicious guy!?
You thought he is a cold-hearted guy, but actually he was not?!
You: "I thought you were not interested in me at all.."

・Akito Kurosaki
Akito "I know every sigle part of you."
He is a president of your business partner's company.
Since he found something secret of you, he turned to a provocative one!?
You were going crazy by his hands, and his seductive smiles...
Let's find out whether his words were all true or just to play around with you!


[[So Simple and Easy to Play!]]

・You can read 5 stories for free once a day.
・Let's increase your "Sense" by doing Elegance Check.
・Challenge and break through the mission by changing into lovely fashion avatar items.
If you clear the mission, you might be able to get compliment by your darling! Or, something more than just "compliment..."!?
・Depending on his affectio level towards you, you'll be able to watch different ENDs.
・Many "Time-limited events" will be released too! Don't miss out the chance to get limited edition avatars and scenarios!
・You can invite your friend to join in this game and help each other to break through several hardships!
・You can get beautifully illustrated CG stills!
・You can celebrate your darling's birthday.

※It is basically a free game, but it costs when you buy the special avatars or scenarios.

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