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Nautical Calculator mariners

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The Nautical Calculators can be used to solve many of the equations and conversions typically associated with marine navigation

This app contains many useful functions for sailors on water, you can use this app as calculator and convertor tool for all your marine needs.

Calculators included:

Celestial Navigation Calculators
Compass Error from Amplitudes Observed on the Visible Horizon
Altitude Correction for Air Temperature
Table of Offsets
Latitude and Longitude Factors
Altitude Correction for Atmospheric Pressure
Altitude Factors & Change of Altitude
Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation (Pub. No. 229).
Compass Error from Amplitudes Observed on the Celestial Horizon
Meridian Angle and Altitude of a Body on the Prime Vertical Circle

Conversions Calculators
Chart Scales and Conversion for Nautical and Statute Miles
Conversion for Meters, Feet and Fathoms

Distance Calculators
Length of a Degree of Latitude and Longitude
Speed for Measured Mile and Speed, Time, and Distance
Distance of an Object by Two Bearings
Distance of the Horizon
Distance by Vertical Angle Measured Between Sea Horizon and Top of Object Beyond Sea Horizon
Traverse Table
Geographic Range
Distance by Vertical Angle Measured Between Waterline at Object and Top of Object
Dip of Sea Short of the Horizon
Distance by Vertical Angle Measured Between Waterline at Object and Sea Horizon Beyond Object
Meridional Parts

Log and Trig Calculators
Logarithmic and Trigonometric Functions

Sailings Calculators
Great Circle Sailing
Mercator Sailing

Time Zones Calculators
Time Zones, Zone Descriptions, and Suffixes

Weather Data Calculators
Direction and Speed of True Wind
Correction of Barometer Reading for Height Above Sea Level
Correction of Barometer Reading for Gravity
Temperature Conversions
Relative Humidity and Dew Point
Correction of Barometer Reading for Temperature
Barometer Measurement Conversions

All feature updates are free
Fully functional on iPad,iPhone and iPod
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