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Naval Warfare Fleet Destroyer: World War II

パブリッシャー: Usman Sheikh
評価: 評価がありません
価格: トップ無料
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Steer gigantic naval ship in water and attack enemy fleet, boats and helicopter. Take the mighty warship to deep sea battle and fight water war against enemy’s naval fleet. Play Naval Warfare Fleet Destroyer: World War II game and attack enemy base to destroy whole fleet, water boats and navy helicopter.

Hello Admiral! Your submarine crew spotted suspicious activity under deep sea waters; now epic water war has started. Lead the navy battleship into enemy territory and cause total destruction. Blow up the whole enemy fleet, boats and aircrafts carrier. Your Russian destroyer ship is equipped with latest gunship and rocket launcher to target naval fleet of terrorist forces. Strong wind is causing hurdles to advance forward and attack enemy base. Take charge of war ship and drive it to enemy fleet. Feel the furious thrill of incoming missile attacks and heavy firing on navy warship. Crush small water boats with a hit and fire missile and bullets at mighty navy carrier to eliminate enemy forces. Do not crash navy battleship into mighty cruise ship or both ships will explode.

Prepare for deadly sea battle and maneuver warships to fight against gunship helicopter, huge ships and boats. Sail in extreme weathers and face high tides in seas. Carry out successful sea attack on terrorist camps, navy carrier ships and small boats. Played ordinary shooting games now experience driving the gigantic naval ship to attack rival forces in pacific.


10 exciting and challenging world war missions in sea water
Steer a huge battleship in massive open world environment
Realistic battle field combat action in deep pacific ocean
Smooth controls to steer and shoot targets
Console quality 3D graphics

Download the latest navy warship game for intense combat action and endless water battle adventures.

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