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Big Surprise!!! Practice languages with native speakers and even get tickets for free!

olla-multilingual village, is global culture and language exchange community.

What to do-In olla,help people practice English Chinese Spanish French German Russian Cantonese Korean Japanese ... any language

Get rewards-get new languages and friends and tickets for free to open door to the world

The olla App including Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Arabian… all kinds of languages…

we support more than 60 languages to translate: English 中文 Español Русский français 日本語 한국어 العربية Deutsch...

olla-找老外 练口语。olla是全球外语角,本着No Language Gap的使命,旨在通过实景交流解决外语口语开口难的问题。
olla 是中外人士进行语言交换的国际外语交流移动社区。这里有来自世界各地的用户,他们有着各不相同的文化风俗和语言习惯,都有望结识到自己感兴趣的伙伴,在相互帮助、语言练习、资讯分享中自然而然学好外语。

5、支持60多种语言翻译, App 里有全球各国各色人种,包括北美、南美、俄国、意大利、法国、德国等欧洲各国人、日韩、非洲各国、中亚各国人,甚至阿鲁巴岛人等等。

The best way to learn any language is to practice it naturally every day. The easiest way to practice languages every day is to make friends with native speakers and other language learners. We help each other and make a big fun.

Do you want to study abroad, travel, get a better job, make new friends from different countries, learn about other cultures and understand your own language and culture better, prevent Alzheimer's disease, impress your friends, have meaningful discussions or just have fun? olla language buddies will be happy to help you during your language learning journey.

Join our international language exchange community, immerse yourself in language and culture in the most fun, efficient and natural way.

Three special Features:
1. Group audio live chat rooms. You can join different language rooms or open your own room and chat with people in language you are learning.
2. Group live chat rooms with two style: public or private. More flexible.
3. Rich experiences of discovery:
Bars by interests; Chat privately; Search for language partners; Share interesting and funny moments in Plaza; Correction and Translation(more than 60 languages).

olla is bridge between east and west! It's a cross language communication mobile application and related services. Find a native partner to know each other,learn foreign languages and share funny things! Let's try it freely!!

3 main points of olla:
1. Exchange language in live audio group chat
We provide live group chat , everybody could open their own room and exchange language with others, set private or public freely.
2. Tips people who helps you
We help each other and appraise the good guys by giving tips
3. Make friends worldwide and get local help while travelling
In olla, you will feel the power of globalization, it is an online community for people all over the world, just say hi to make friends. You will never feel lost abroad, olla users will provide you plenty of information about restaurant, hotel, pub, and more you may want to know

Our mission:
No language gap!

olla tandem exchange lingq multilingual 外語 conversation exchange exchange language language partner spoken english spoken english. tándem tandem tedd hellotalk ted talks tef tedict tbd tad

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