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パブリッシャー: qamar Zaman
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互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Play one of the top and best Pie Maker Kids Cooking Game in 2017

Are you ready to get tasty cooking? You are on right place. This game is perfect and thrilling kitchen cooking fever game for you. We are giving you fusions of different flavors. Make a wide verity of pies in fruit filled. Sharpen your cooking skills and become a master chef at baking pies. You can try collection of recipes of different pies.

In the menu of pie maker you have multiple flavors and you can which ever you want. Scramble all ingredients and cook them all. Put all ingredients on crust bread than you can bake and decorate. The result will be so tasty and delicious that you will not be able to believe you to make it all by yourself of crust pie.

Pie maker kids cooking game best for girls, boys, kids and family. It is one of the top games in app market. It’s time to polish your cooking skill with best pie maker dessert. Download in your mobile device. Pick your chef hat and start cooking.

Recipes of Pie:

- Cherry pie
- Blackberry pie
- Strawberry pie
- Apple pie
- Mango pie

Features of pie:

- Sweet dessert cooking game
- Educational game
- Enjoy best dessert with family and friends
- Fun cooking dash free game

Download pie maker from store and make fun. Even you have to follow this recipe in gathering or birthday parties for friends. Now you have to become a kid’s chef with cooking adventure.

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