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Potion makes creating video montages of your coolest experiences as easy as taking photos.

Here’s the magic: when you snap a photo in Potion, the app captures 2 seconds of video before the photo was taken. Easily string together your favorite mini-video clips (we call them “shots”) into shareable videos. Relive your experiences by sharing your Potion videos anywhere and everywhere.

How Potion Works (aka Potion 101)
* Take photos in Potion (or import Live Photos).
* When you take a photo in Potion, the app automatically captures 2 seconds of video before the photo was snapped.
* String together as many or few 2-second shots as you want to perfectly represent an experience.
* Add filters, text, and music. Inspire #PotionEnvy by sharing anywhere and everywhere.

If a picture’s worth a thousand word, a video is worth a million.

Potion is perfect for capturing vacations, road trips, weekend adventures, backcountry explorations - any special experience you want to remember and relive.

Looking for inspiration? Check out the public Feed in Potion to catch what Potion users are up to!

Feedback, questions, or need help? Email us at hello@potion.io - we’d love to hear from you!

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