Princess New Mommy and Baby

パブリッシャー: Hugs N Hearts
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互換性: iPhone & iPad


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The royal family is welcoming a brand new, precious member! Our princess has a sweet royal baby on the way, and she's going to need some help to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Will it be a girl or a boy? Maybe you'll get to decide! Help the new mom stay healthy until the baby's birth by giving her an ultrasound and more. You'll get to witness the royal baby's amazing birth, but then you have to put your own mommy skills to the test. The Royal Princess will need to recover from her pregnancy, so she's depending on you to help care for her newborn. Change diapers, feed, and clothe the little bundle of joy! Learn what it's like to be a real mommy!

Product Features:
- Princess themed mommy and baby game.
- Play doctor to mommy using an ultrasound, thermometer, and more.
- Be a mommy! Care for the baby after birth.
- Tons of cute clothes to dress up the cute infant.
- Easy controls to feed the baby and change its diaper.

How to Play:
- Use interactive controls to take care of mom and baby.
- Keep mom healthy by monitoring her health until the baby's birth.
- Help the new family take care of the baby's needs by feeding, changing, and clothing the sweet boy or girl.

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