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Challenge your friends and family in this entertaining free turn based trivia quiz duel, which has nice graphics in a true gameshow style.

We give you the chance to play against your friends or meet new friends, and see who is the best of the best, battling in different categories and genres.

- Play against your friends and/or Facebook friends.
- Chat with your opponent while playing.
- Beautiful achievements in game.
- You select 5 categories or genres.
- Each category has 5 questions, which starts easy but gets harder.
- Thousands of questions, grouped into many exiting categories.
- Integrated with Facebook - challenge your Facebook friends.
- Use lifelines to get help when you face a difficult question.
- Friendslists, add friends from Contacts or Facebook.
- Leaderboards, see a list of the best friends / overall Quizmo players.

You can currently quiz in these categories:

- Beauty & Fashion
- Celebrities
- Food & Beverage
- Geography
- History
- Movies & TV
- Music
- Science
- Sports

Question range in common knowledge, to guess the movie, guess the song, choosing facts and be ready to answer quickly.

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