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Real Connection Call Reminder

パブリッシャー: Knot Together LLC
価格: 0.99 USD
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Real Connection helps you keep in touch with friends and loved ones and maintain more authentic connections than is possible with social networking hashtags and likes. More often than not, social networking leads to superficial connections that leave people feeling more disconnected.

With Real Connection you can:
• Add new Connection Reminders with a simple, intuitive interface
• Select regular Connection intervals for everyone from close friends and family to distant friends and relatives
• Make calls and mark Connections complete right from the app
• Connect on your own schedule and not just an arbitrary date
• Reschedule Connection Reminders with ease
• Earn badges and track weekly Connections Made
• Always remember to pick up the phone and Connect with the people who enrich your life

Friendships can be lost over time without sufficient contact, and a phone call allows for a more personal connection than a text, email, hashtag, or like. The weekly and monthly recurring Connection Reminders you set with Real Connection ensure that you will never forget to keep in touch with everyone from close family members to high school and college friends.

How many times after a good chat with an old friend have you said, “It was so good to catch up. We need to do this more often,” only to realize later that it has been over six months since you last spoke? With Real Connection you’ll always remember to make the call that will make someone’s day.

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