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S-peek – Credit rating

パブリッシャー: modeFinance
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Every rating of every company in Europe by the First Official Fintech Rating Agency in Europe.

Winner of the GranPrix CheBanca award as Best Fintech Company

s-peek is a free and easy-to-use app helping users understanding the credit rating of the companies and the economic/financial quality of all capital companies and small and medium-sized enterprises in all Europe.

Thanks to s-peek you can have every European company at your fingertips, check their reliability, profitability and their health status.

With s-peek you have access to the information of over 20 million companies and you can:
- Learn about credit rating and commercial credit limit;
- Check out the most important financial data;
- Download business information in PDF format (via web only);
- Automatically monitor all relevant updates concerning the purchased report;
- Organize your portfolio by labels;
- Invite your friends to use s-peek (and you get free credits!);

Immediate access to credit rating, commercial credit limit and financial information of every European company!

Want financial information of all European companies instantly?
Want to know about the Credit rating of all companies? Want to learn about credit limit and the maximum exposure of all your customers?

S-peek is what you’re looking for. Here are some reviews by the users who have already tried S-peek:

New design and really interesting new options. Fascinating app to quickly understand the economic and financial performance of Italian and foreign companies.

Really useful to quickly place the business partner, whether a client or a provider. Reports are not for free, but find the same information would cost much more.

Congratulations! Really useful, clear and suitable for all user, even those less experienced.

Really useful to immediately understand if a potential client will pay or not.

All assessments present in s-peek are expressed using all available public information about the company examined such as: company details, financial statements, industry sector concerned and so on.

The credit rating and the commercial credit limit available within the application are evaluated through the innovative Multi Objective Rating Evaluation
( methodology, a product of modeFinance (Official Rating Agency in Europe). This innovation studies the company as a complex system and deepens the analysis of its different areas: solvency, debt coverage, liquidity, cash cycle, profitability, fixed assets coverage ratio, comparison with the sector concerned and so on.

The color associated with each company is the macro category of credit rating assessed according to the last available annual financial statement.
Green: AAA, AA, A, BBB
Yellow: BB, B
Red: CCC, CC, C, D
Grey: rating not assessable due to the lack of some financial data.

Flash: allows you to quickly obtain basic information such as: credit rating of the previous three years, commercial credit limit, analysis main macro areas of the company (solvency, liquidity, profitability), sectorial comparison.

Extended12M: allows you to further explore the information on the basic report with budget items such as turnover, profits (or losses) of the financial year, total assets, shareholders' equity. This report also includes corporate registration information
(address, phone, sector, etc.).

In order to increase the ease of use, web version and mobile version display synchronized information.

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