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Sampath Wepay

パブリッシャー: Sampath Bank PLC
評価: 評価がありません
価格: トップ無料
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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ダウンロードランキング - iOS - 日本




Wepay is a revolutionary digital offering from Sampath Bank that transforms your traditional wallet to a powerfully sophisticated application. This Digital wallet allows you to perform all your payments and manage your funds in your own time & space.
Key features of Wepay
Opening a Wepay wallet is pretty straightforward and at this phase we are allowing all Sampath Bank (...)
1. Sampath Vishwa users
2. Debit or Credit card holders
3. Account holders
to open a “Wepay wallet”.
The facility will be expressly available to Other bank account holders shortly.
Once a Wepay wallet is activated you are provided a Virtual card. This card may be used for all your payments and especially as a means of performing e-commerce transactions. The combination of having a dynamic Card Verification value (CVV) and One Time Password (OTP) for each transaction enables you with the most secure means to transact on the web.
You can top up your virtual card via the app at any time you want to make a payment.
You can add all your Sampath Bank cards and accounts and instantly know your balance before you make payments.
You can make utility bill payments to over 130 billers from your Credit Card, Debit card or account.
Make payments at our merchant outlets using QR.
Enjoy special promotional offers to sweeten your shopping experience!!
Use Social payments and Social share options to send money to anyone using any social media suchlike WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email, etc.
Become a Wepay merchant. If you are an entrepreneur running a business, how would you like to expand your customers’ Pay-transactions to accept credit and debit cards? Become a Wepay merchant and thereby enjoy lower commission rates and consequently boost your sales.
Stay up to date with all bank promotions and enjoy exciting benefits that Sampath Bank offers.
Locate the closest branch to where you are simply by selecting the Locate option.
And while you enjoy all of these exciting new features, many more are being developed to take your digital experience to the next level!! So stay tuned and keep your eyes open!!

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