Secret Agent: Spy Escape Mission 3D

パブリッシャー: Tayga Games OOO
価格: トップ無料
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Become a secret agent – not from mafia or government, but getting into business for yourself! Find out all sides of this interesting and dangerous job and have fun playing Secret Agent: Spy Escape Mission 3D!
Be really noiseless invading the government office, hack every computer and get important data to sell it later! Try to avoid military forces, ‘cause they are ready to catch any criminal they notice! Run through the resembling office rooms quietly, use your bludgeon or gun to stun or kill every guard standing on your way! Train your battling and stealth skills and be really difficult person to catch!
Hit your human targets carefully, otherwise they will raise the alarm and call SWAT for help! You’ll be dead in a second! There are also ordinary people, but don’t be too much calm about that fact: if they notice you, they will try to attack you and defend the important information with their lives! Break through the dangers of the secret agent’s work and have fun with Secret Agent: Spy Escape Mission 3D!
Earn points for successfully done missions and unlock new types of powerful weapon such as guns, rifles, submachine guns or even bludgeons! Power-up your agent’s skills and don’t forget to mind your health indicator – if it drops, you’ll be dead immediately! Steal compromising information and become really dexterous!
Secret Agent: Spy Escape Mission 3D features:
• Realistic secret agent simulator
• Wide range of interesting missions
• Different types of enemies
• Interesting edged and shooting weapons
• Amazing 3D graphics
Put on your dark brutal sunglasses and become the coolest among the secret agents ever! Steal secret information and have fun playing Secret Agent: Spy Escape Mission 3D!

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