Sharks & Rays - Identification Guide

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Identify sharks and rays caught in fishing, observed or photographed in dives.

Fully interactive and very easy to use, this application was produced in Portuguese, English and Spanish so that you can visually identify more than 50 species of sharks and rays.

-Search by name.
-Keys for families visual identification with 30 sharks and rays illustrations in black & white.

-A list of 151 scientific names and their common names in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

- 43 complete cards with illustrations in color and color photos.

Each card contains: scientific name, common names (in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French) and detailed information about its colour, caracteristics, measures, range, habitat, habits and behaviors, ways to catch and flesh quality, the status of threat of extinction, potential attack and statistics, other common names in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian, as well important observations. The similar species, where applicable, appear with the main, in a very interesting and well thought out rotation system.

-Dictionary of common names in Portuguese, English, and Spanish with more than 150 sharks and rays. Fast and easy to use.

-Two games to enjoy, entertain, and exercise shark and ray identification. The classic MEMORY GAME and the exciting IDENTIFICATION GAME.

-General information about sharks and rays, main measures and structures, information about finning and shark fishing.

-This application based on the book Tubarões no Brasil – Guia Prático de Identificação (Sharks in Brazil - A Practical Identification Guide), of the marine biologist Marcelo Szpilman.

Updates: we intend to add new photos, whenever possible.

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