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ショッピング モール 世界 冒険

パブリッシャー: Tik Tok
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互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Let’s help Crazy Kids, Mall Girl and boys how to shopping in the Shopping mall world. Shopping mall World is on mega sale. All stuff is up to 70% off, Now you can miss the chance as a shopaholic. Crazy Kids especially crazy girls like to go shopping in this way they relax and have fun as well. Do you like to go with shopping friends to the mall shopping games? If yes then this Mall Shopping Games is best for your choice.

Very First Step in our mall shopping games is to go shopping mall world and take shopping cart and see how many fashion store are there. Visit one by one and chose what you like blouses, cute skirts & pants, shoes and purses and many more in fashion shop. Don’t forget to go jewelry shop. There is also barbie shop in shopping mall world where you can get amazing and cute barbie doll, you can also gift barbe doll to you friends because crazy kids love the barbie doll.

Our Shopping Mall World also include Beauty Spa Salon. In beauty spa salon there is lots of section, especially body spa salon, facial spa salon, back spa salon and foot spa salon. In the spa salon you can make the little girl more relaxing and comfort. After that you can go to the beauty shop where you can chose different cosmetic and many more. You can apply makeup on your face to completely free. Then you can go to the hair salon and get different style.

Shopping mall world is also include food court from where you can buy fast food like burger, fries, pizza, sandwich, and desert like cupcake, cookie, cake, and many more but remember there is self-services in the food court.

When you done with shopping in shopping mall world got to checkout counter and pay bill with you credit card or in cash. But there is not end after customer left the shopping mall world you have to take care the mall and clean the mall and if there is some damage fix it first and lock the shopping mall world.
Hope you enjoy our shopping mall world adventure tour.

• Get latest fashion outfits
• Complete spa salon Services
• Makeup games for girls
• Gorgeous fashion Items
• Window Shopping options
• Bling Bling Bling jewelry
• Take a photo and show your friends
• Pay your bill on cash counter

About Tik Tok
Tik Tok are specialize in kid’s games on mobile platform. Tik Tok aim to provide innovative & educational game to our kids. We help them to learn the basic life skills and good habits through our games. For more info please visit us at

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