Speed Car & Motorbike Traffic Rider 3D

パブリッシャー: Tayga Games OOO
評価: 評価がありません
価格: トップ無料
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Drive your vehicle – sports car or sports bike - through city and highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your vehicle and just have fun with Speed Car & Motorbike Traffic Rider 3D!

Do you like a car driving simulators? Then jump into your car and race through the city streets! Prefer moto simulators? Ride across the city blocks on your bike, performing risky tricks and impressive stunts – slip between two trucks, outrun sports car near the cross, and so on! Be faster than other participants of traffic, keep in mind road marking and traffic lights and avoid crashes! Use all your driving skills to become the best city racer with Speed Car & Motorbike Traffic Rider 3D!

Unlock all city blocks to receive the access to the whole city as your racing arena! Do your best to get a reputation of the fastest and craziest traffic rider ever! Try different game modes – drive faster in passing transport traffic or race with counter cars as obstacles, avoiding them! Don’t forget ‘bout traffic lights and road markings – maybe, you're ignoring rules, but other drivers are not! So, if you wouldn’t avoid accidents, your racer’s career would be over soon!

Earn money for well-executed tricks and stunts to buy upgrades, power-ups or even new vehicles! You can get access to different bikes – from sport bike to mountain bike – so, unlock and try all of them! Tired of usual driving simulators? Like games ‘bout city racing or bike stunts? Try Drive your vehicle through city and highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your vehicle and just have fun with Speed Car & Motorbike Traffic Rider 3D – and be a real bike racer!

Speed Car & Motorbike Traffic Rider 3D features:
A wide range of cars, bikes and other racing vehicles – try all of them!
Unlockable maps – earn bonus points to get access
Realistic traffic simulation – traffic light and road marks
Amazing 3D-graphics

Get the unusual driving and racing experience on the streets of a big city with Speed Car & Motorbike Traffic Rider in 3D!

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