Sudoku (Soduko) Classic Puzzle

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Fun Anti-Stress Game
Sudoku (Soduko) Classic Puzzle is one of the classic mind-relieving number games that combine math games and observation training, distracting you from the stress of daily chores and heavy responsibilities. Relax and have fun!

Best Brain Games
Brain training is healthy for both kids and adults, keeping your mind strong and active. Sudoku (Soduko) Classic Puzzle is one of the most integrated brain games to train your brain and strengthen your logic skills, sharpen your memory, and boost reasoning & problem-solving abilities.

Proper Difficulty Levels for Anyone
For newcomers or advanced players, there are different difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, Medium, Hard & Expert. The easy start will not scare your interest away while the challenging difficulty level will keep you entertained even if you are so familiar with this classic sudoku free puzzles.

Ultimate Time Challenge
Are you a Sudoku expert? Or do you want to check how good you are at Sudoku? Prepare yourself for a time challenge! Tap the "Time Challenge" button & there are still 4 difficulty levels(Easy/Medium/Hard/Expert) to choose but the difference is, you need to finish the Sudoku board as fast as possible and the game will count the time you finish a Sudoku board & will also keep your best time record. Hints are not available under Time Challenge mode.

Auto-Checker & Highlight
Do you ever need to squint your eyes to find out the duplicate numbers in the traditional Sudoku games? No more! Sudoku (Soduko) Classic Puzzle comes with an auto-checker that will automatically highlight the duplicate numbers to ease your eyes! It will also highlight the repeated numbers in selected Cell, Row, Column & Box for easier gameplay.

Sudoku Free Games for iPad & iPhone
You can download and play Sudoku (Soduko) Classic Puzzle anywhere & anytime you want for free! One of the most addictive no WiFi games for iPad and iPhone users, no mobile data needed.

More Highlights that Set Us Apart
*Swift & smooth animation, no lags
*Does not take up much storage on your devices
*Large & easy-to-tap buttons
*Different color schemes (Light & Dark) to choose
*Larger Sudoku board to see better

Sudoku Number Puzzles Play Features
*Duplicate number checking
*Auto highlight of Cell/Row/Column/Box
*Undo & redo as well as erasing
*Note down possible numbers & remove notes via a tap
*Hints to help you figure it out
*Pause, restart or reset the difficulty level anytime you want
*Statistics tracking
How to Play Sudoku Puzzle Game
1. Sudoku board is a grid of 81 cells (nine 3x3 subgrids).
2. Fill all the empty cells with numbers to win the game.
3. Each of the 9 subgrids must include all the numbers from 1 to 9.
4. Each number must not be repeated in a row/column/subgrid.

About Sudoku Number Puzzles
Sudoku is a number game originated in Switzerland, but the word "Sudoku" is actually a Japanese word due to its early popularity in Japan. "Sudoku" is made up of "Su" (means "number" in English) and "Doku" (means "single" in English). Sometimes, Sudoku may be misspelled as Suduko, Soduko, Sudoko, Suduku, Soduku, Sodoku, Sedoku, Seduko, Sudo, etc.


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