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Surah Yaseen MP3 In Urdu & English Free

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互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Surah Yaseen is a Smartphone Application that lets millions of Muslims throughout the world to better recite, learn and listen to recital of the greatly sanctified Chapter of Quran Majeed, i.e. Yaseen. It offers Audio Recitation, Translation and Transliteration enabling the user in understanding the sacred Ayaats of this Blessed Chapter in efficient way.


The most prominent attributes of this mobile phone app are:
• User-friendly Interface nevertheless striking illustration of the Quranic text.
• Beautiful recital of the hallowed verses in soulful voices of the most eminent Reciters Al-Sudais.
• Translation of the concrete significance of Ayaats into English.
• Play and Stop choices let one begin and end reading process at any time.
• Last Read lets one have knowledge of the formerly read verse.
Download this free of charge and effortlessly comprehensible Smartphone application of Surah Yaseen to improve recitation and learn about this greatly blessed Chapter of Quran Majeed.

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