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Welcome to The Kite Program. The first personal development app of its kind- designed specifically for mums. Because why shouldn’t mums receive the same level of development as they do in their careers?

Being a mum can be so hard at times. Whether you have a baby or a teenager (or both!). Mum guilt, juggling work and family life, lack of sleep, stress and feeling disconnected in your relationship. All mums tackle these issues at some point, along with so many more.

The Kite App has been designed to be a beautiful, supportive, respectful resource and it is completely user led. It is for all mums- simply answer three questions and content will be tailored to the ages of your children and your working situation.

There are 14 mini programs (Kites) which can be explored at your own pace. Each Kite ranges from 2-4 weeks in length, but there is no rush and each of them can take as long as you wish. Delivering bite sized activities and tips every day, via a beautiful note. Using the concept of microlearning it gives you time to reflect on each activity, so you aren’t overwhelmed or bombarded by information.

Other features include:

• an on-the-go Mindfulness Button which delivers easy ways to quickly reset yourself when you feel overwhelmed or busy.
• The Kite Journal- a beautiful feature, where you can save favourite activities that are then displayed in your journal as mini polaroids.

The 7 day free trial allows you to explore this beautiful app and all of the Kites on offer. It won’t rollover- at the end of the trial you can choose to continue your Kite journey with a one-off payment, and will be reminded that your trial is over.

So for the price of a paperback book you can experience the 14 Kites (a total of approx. 35 weeks worth of daily activities) and new Kites will added over time, at no extra cost.

Kite is designed to empower you and make you feel special. For a few minutes a day you can put yourself first and think about your own needs. Which in turn will make you an even better mum.

I am so excited for you to experience it.

Hannah (Founder of Kite and Mum of Two)

Visit our website for more information.

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