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Ultimate Hungry Crocodile Sea War 3D

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価格: トップ無料
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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“Chomp" Chomp" Chomp" A Wild Crocodile wants to attacks at you... you will ever dream to enjoy your life as a wild crocodile? Attack the wild animals and humans? if so then your dreams comes to an end and this is a game where you ATTACK WILDLY all living things with interesting levels.
In Wild Crocodile Beach Attack Simulator your Crocodile is angry wildly and hungry go and finish everything ..HUNT ... You are not allow to just hunt at wild jungle but also on beach and eat humans male female children and fishes everything ... You want to do it ?
In crocodile attack 2016 - wild simulator all the jungle animals such as goat , lion ,alligator, crocodile ,zebra and many more .. Some people wants to disturb your wild life and kill small crocodile you have to finish them can u do it for your crocs? Alot of action and war between the animals. LETS experience such a wild thrilling feel of life of a crocodile .....
You play as a CROCODILE ATTACK 2016 -WILD SIM you want to hunt the whale , shark,lion,bear,cow goat, dolphin, american alligator and many more ? some enemies willing to mix poison in water to kill you but you have to go before they mix it ... play the game in the skin of swamp Crocodile Attack 2016 - Wild Sim ...
BEWARE if you lose your focus you will die
Game Features
1. Swamp crocodile attacking with different mode seletion
2.3d environment with beach and jungle with great graphics
3.Realistic water effects
4.Smooth and Easy Controls
5.Play offline as well

alligato alligator crocodile crocodiles sea 3d 3d fishing the hungry

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