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Wine Encyclopedia France

パブリッシャー: Egon Mark
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This application offers you information about all French quality wines in the latest version. Moreover, it also contains the most important local wines. Therefore the new provisions of the EU wine regulation of 2009 are completely considered. You find the most important information concerning origin and grape variety of all wines.

Part 1 describes more than 600 terms referring to wines and the corresponding grape varieties. With hundreds of cross references with direct links it is simple and fast to find comprehensive information about the wine-growing country of France.

Part 2 is a list of the 150 most important wine-growing estates in Bordeaux according to the classifications of Médoc and Sauternes of 1855 as well as the classifications of Pessac-Léognan of 1959 and the Premier Grand Cru Classés “A” and “B” of Saint-Emilion based on the latest state. Some famous Châteaux, being outside this classification, are listed, too. The level of classification and the grape varieties of cuvees are added to all vineyards.

You can retrieve all information without internet connection and use it, wherever you are. In a restaurant, in a wine shop, during preparation for an exam or simply because you are interested in the great topic of wine. The whole information is disposable at any time in the restaurant, in a vinotheque, when preparing for an exam or simply, because you are interested in the big topic of wine. By “MAP” you get detailed accurate information referring to the situation of the wine-growing community or the area. (Internet access is a precondition)

The author Egon Mark is a qualified Sommelier and a wine academic holding a WEST diploma. At the sommelier-competition of SOPEXA of 1994 he was the Austrian winner and was awarded the title “Austria’s best Sommelier for French wines and spirits”.


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