Zero Bid Finder for eBay Plus

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Don’t you just hate it when another buyer steals your auction at the last second? Zero Bid Finder searches eBay to hunt down every auction about to end that has no bidders! Never lose an auction again!

Join over 100,000 users who regularly shop, buy and save with Zero Bid Finder. Shop electronics, fashion, gadgets, games, even cars and motors…anything you can wish for (nearly)!!

*Simple, fast and easy tool…shop online from your pocket
*Search by Keyword or Category
*Filter ‘No-reserve’ auctions (those with a $1 starting price)
*Acronym finder - Discover hidden treasures using eBay acronyms
*eBay Daily Deals
*5 minute reminder function
*Compatible with eBay Motors
*Navigate direct to eBay
*How-to guide
*Covers all marketplaces
*Free-Shipping only filter (Plus version only)

This is the perfect app for eBay resellers to find the best deals on ebay!

Have a suggestion? We’d love to hear from you and help improve our app - please just get in touch

Please note this is a third-party app that is not designed, owned by eBay or any of its partners, nor is it an official app. All auctions displayed within the app are generated from eBay under their partnership scheme.

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