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Art Model - 3D Pose tool

パブリッシャー: Tomi Nevalainen
価格: 4.99 USD


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Pose and morph two models simultaneously in the scene.

Creating poses is super simple, just tap control point and drag a target limb with your mouse to the desired position! No more painstaking joint rotation.

Poser app comes with realistic looking 3D male and female models.

Art Model is also a powerful morph tool. Morphing system gives you the ability to create an unlimited range of unique models. You can transform your model from child to an adult, skinny to muscular or make it fat, pregnant, creature etc.
Besides full body morphs, you can also create individual morphs for specific body parts like chest / breast, arms, legs...

Now you can enrich the scene with props! You can add chairs, tables, weapons and geometry shapes to scene. You can also attach props directly to models hands. Props then follows hand movement.

Ideal poser app for character designing, as human drawing guide, for illustrations or storyboarding, or anyone who wants to focus on improving their drawing skills.

-Pose one or two realistic male and female models in same scene.
-Fast pose creation: Drag limbs to desired position.
-Morph system allows you to create unique models.
-Full body morphs and individual morphs for specific body parts.
-Add props to the scene. You can add chairs, tables, weapons and geometry shapes to scene.
-60 preset poses
-Basic hair
-White and black skin colour
-Freely rotate the lights
-Save and load poses and morphs.
-Save poses and morphs as transparent image files to your Pictures -folder

Camera zoom (option 1): Scroll mouse wheel.
Camera zoom (option 2): Hold Left Alt + Right mouse button and move mouse up/down.
Rotate camera: Hold Left Alt + Left mouse button and move mouse around.
Pan camera: Hold Right mouse button and move mouse around.

Preview video:

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