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Audio Book

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Audio Book is a practical Mac OS X application that enables you to convert various types of eBooks or iBooks to audiobooks in the MP3, AIFF format. The application comes with support for over 50 robot voices, including male, female and neutral, as well as 38 different languages.

Working with Audio Book is a breeze; just add PDF, EPUB, RTF, TXT, HTML documents or iBooks, select the language and voice, and then click on the Convert button. Batch-conversion is supported in the full version, but you can also convert individual documents via the contextual menu or through the Convert button.

The list of resulting audio books will be displayed in a panel to the right of the main window. You can right click on them and choose several options: show in Finder, play (in iTunes), add item(s) to iTunes library or delete.

Speaking of the man window, it includes the main area to view your docs as icons and a pane to select the language, voice, talking speed and a button to test reading. The neutral voices sound like androids; some of them are highly melodious and others are mixed with audio effects.

All things considered, Audio Book is a quite a powerful application that sports a clean and uncluttered user interface. It offer support for a decent amount of e-book documents, including EPUB, but only two output formats - AIFF and MP3. Overall, it can be easily operated and resulting tracks can be sent to iTunes with two clicks.

It doesn't support to convert DRMe'd ebooks at current version.

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