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The most advanced chess training app. Improve your skills, learn tactics and strategies.

Chess + was created with the goal to improve chess skills of every player. This app is perfect for any amateur or professional. Difficulty of tasks is dynamically adjusted to the skills and previous performance.

● 2D & 3D chess pieces
● Hundreds of levels
● Thousands of exercises
● Tactics training
● Opening and endgame training and practice
● Checkmate puzzles
● Time and move limit puzzles
● Learning mode with best move hints
● Play chess in infinite rematch fights
● Live chess statistics and leaderboards
● Game boosters
● Mistake preventing (Learn how to play without mistakes in your chess games)
● Amazing 3D chess world, with cartoon graphics.
● No advertising

Chess + is an offline application. You don't need internet to play online, but you can switch to online play using our other app. Play chess and learn various strategies and compare your results with friends.

Chess + is completely free to play app, but you can purchase some optional in-game items.

Download this free chess game and let the journey begin!

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