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クリスマスのカレンダーChristmas Calendars

パブリッシャー: Massimiliano Borrelli
評価: 評価がありません
価格: 4.99 USD


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Create your own Christmas Calendars and give them to relatives and friends

For these holidays, create your own custom calendars with your photos or with the beautiful christmas background photos provided in our software.

Surprise your family, friends and your clients by donating them custom Christmas calendars, giving a present that lasts all year long!

Creating calendars is really very simple, choose a photo from the many themes offered in our software or enter your own photo, choose a phrase to write on the calendar (a wish, a loved one's name, your company name or your shop name), choose whether to print all months of the year or just one month (January, February, March, etc.) and send it to the printer!

Simple as drinking a glass of water and very effective!

This year surprise everyone with a creative and useful gift, a Christmas calendar created by you!

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