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Cirkus: Team Task Management

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Cirkus brings clarity to your team projects in a modern native app on your Mac, iOS device and browser.
Manage anything from your shopping list to your most complex professional projects… and it’s 100% FREE to download and use.

• Cirkus has all the standard task management features you’d expect and more. You can assign a single task to multiple people or roles. With notifications and customisable views your team will always know what to do.

• Having your discussions in one place, keeps your team focused. The end of email threads! In Cirkus you can collaborate right in the task, and share files with your team. Private conversations keep the noise down.

• Cirkus includes powerful features such as Task Templates, Task Triggers, Permission Profiles and custom Organisations. All of these attractions are included straight out of the box and allow you to configure workflows to get the best from your time and your team.

• It’s easy to invite new people or freelancers to collaborate and get in sync with the team. Invite them directly to a task, to collaborate in a project, or to join your Organisation.

• With our web, iOS and Mac versions you can keep in sync on all your devices.

Try Cirkus today, and let your projects take centre stage.

To learn more about our features, and access our training videos, check out

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