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Typing & Reciting Games

パブリッシャー: Jin Long
評価: 評価がありません
価格: トップ無料 アプリ内課金あり


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Typing and Reciting Games is both a typing practice software and a words reciting software. It provide a variety of typing games and will be more in the future. You can use it for learning how to type, practicing typing, and reciting words of any languages. It supports any keyboard layouts such as QWERT, DVORAK and so on. It supports or can support any languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German and so on. It provide a dictionary builder to build your own dictionaries for any languages as you wish. And also it supports TTS (Text-to-Speech) to read and spell word.

+ Built in five game types: fingering, racing, shooting, defense, leisure, 10 typing & reciting games: Keyboard, Balloon Hit, Whack A Mole, World Defense, Snail Racing, Plant VS Pig, Space war, Fruit Cutting, Submarine War, Fishing Master etc, and two reciting games: Word Shooting and Word Spelling. The whole cartoon style, full of fun, teach through lively activities, easy to learn and practice typing and happy to recite words.
+ Learn and practice typing:through games to learn how to type, to practice typing, to enhance the typing speed. It is suitable for both children and adults.
+ Support for various keyboard layouts and keyboard languages: whether it is QWERT or DVORAK, MALT or any other keyboard layout, whether it is the U.S. keyboard Lanugage or French, Devin, Korean, Japanese and other keyboard language, all of them are applicable.
+ Can support various input methods for practice: in addition to the built-in dictionaries such as English, Chinese Pinyin, Chinese Wangma Wubi, Chinese Canjie typing dictionaries, you can also create other input methods dictionaries for practice.
+ Recite the words: you can also recite words by playing typing games. In addition, we add Forgetting Curve support for reciting words. The Forgetting Curve function will help users to improve the effect of reciting words by reviewing words at right time.
+ Can support various languages' words for reciting: in addition to the built-in English and Chinese words, you can also add other languages' words such as German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean words and so on.
+ Dictionary management and builder: we provide a dictionary management tool and a dictionary builder tool, you can manage and create your own dictionaries as you wish. Please view help for more details about the dictionary builder tool.
+ Support reading word by TTS (Text-to-Speech), you can read word in the Dictionary Management and read or spell word in the typing games.

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