Dicom3D - Easy and Powerful

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Dicom3D is a multi-modality DICOM viewer and 3D reconstruction workstation. It provides an intuitive and customizable interface with powerful keyboard/mouse controls to easily navigate through images and quickly locate areas of interest.
1. Manage the DICOM files. Support JPEG, JPEG-LS, JPEG 2000 compression
2. Import the DICOM file from CD-ROM, USB devices and ZIP files. Export the DICOM images to the doctors and patients
3. Manage the capturd images
4. Send the DICOM files to other node by C-Store protocal
5. Manage the favorite dicom files
6. Support CT,MR,DR,PET,CR, etc
7. Support the multiframe DICOM file
8. MPR display
9. Volume rendering display
10. Support the change of the window level and the CLUT
11. ROI Management
12. Display the meta info of DICOM
13. Find and download studies from PACS
14. 3D segment
15. Support 4D volume data, like CT gated scan, PET dynamic scan
Dicom3D is not to be designed for mammography. Officially, Dicom3D is not designed as a medical diagnostic tool. Doctor can use it as a research tool. Patient can use it as a personal data store.

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