DMX Assistant

パブリッシャー: Douglas Heriot
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DMX Assistant is a tool to send and receive DMX via Art-Net from your Mac, designed to make it easier to understand how it all works.

You can set DMX values to output to a selected Art-Net universe (including Art-Net 3 Nets), in multiple ‘Scenes’ (sub-masters). All the Art-Net universes being broadcast around your network are automatically listed in the scene list, so you can inspect what your lighting console or other device is sending, and to HTP merge into a new universe for output.

You can control the intensity of scenes via MIDI. Combined with a simple hardware MIDI controller, DMX Assistant turns your Mac into a multiple-scene preset lighting console. It’s also great as an easy way to trigger lights from show control systems via MIDI.

The simple interface is easy on your eyes in a dark venue, and the light-up faders are always clear and easy to see. There’s a few different views you can use to view your DMX data – including faders, grid and histogram views.

As a Mac app, it’s got all the standard features: unlimited undo support, and saving & loading your work in documents.

See for more information, or to contact me with any questions or comments.

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