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DVD Copy & Rebuild Pro

価格: 9.99 USD


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DVD Copy & Rebuild Pro is a powerful Mac DVD copy software that can copy D9 and D5 DVD movies. The app lets you make high quality copies of your DVD’s movies to blank DVD , ISO or DVDMedia . Make full quality DVD backups on Mac or external hard drive, either in DVD Folder or .dvdmedia file format ready to be played from the hard drive with DVD Player, to simplify entertainment on the go and avoid losing or damaging your gems.

DVD Copy & Rebuild Pro can compress larger DVD-9 disc to DVD-5 disc. The app can merge two or more DVD discs into one DVD disc .

The app can remove or trim unwanted dvd video , save DVD space .

The app contain two copy mode “Full Copy” and “Custom DVD Copy .

Full Copy : Lossless copy the entire DVD to DVD , iso or DVDMedia .

Custom DVD Copy : You can merge, compress DVDs , trim , effect and split DVD video . Custom DVD copy can delete unwanted DVD videos and custom DVD menu .

##### Function #####

1. Clone DVD to DVD, ISO or DVDMedia .
2. Copy local DVD file to DVD .
3. Lossless copy the entire DVD .
4. Compress larger DVD-9 disc to DVD-5 disc.
5. Merge multiple DVD discs into one DVD disc .
6. Delete unwanted DVD video .
7. Trim, effect and split DVD video .
8. Custom DVD menu .

If you have some problems, please send an email to . I will solve these issues as quickly as possible.

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