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Easy to use archive browser

Easy Archiver is the utility to support extract files/folders from archived documents, browse documents in archive and archive files/folders, search contents available on Mac App Store

It support reading rar, zip, 7z, cab, xar, tar, ar, iso, bz2, gz, lz4, lzma, lzip, xz, lz4, lzop.... formats

Open an document by dragging it to the window/opening from the menubar/opening from toolbar/opening from Finder.

Browse the archived contents, double click on a folder to view contents of the folder, double click on a file to view the file externally.

Navigate, single click on the path item to browse subfolders in the path in menu, double click to navigation to the path.

Unarchive, unarchive from toolbar with selected items in current path(all if none selected)/unarchive by drag dropping to the Finder

Archive, drag dropping files to the archiver window/the Dock icon

Cancel, Cancel a task by click on the red button if the task in running in the task window

Search, find the contents containing the search term in the archive

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