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employment:app Advanced

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The Advanced Version of our HR-Software is designed for medium sized companies, including features like digital employee file, absence and training management, statistics as well as different types of reports. Additionally you can attach documents to keep your office more and more paperless. With iCloud you have the ability to manage your HR anytime from everywhere and with Calendar sync you keep track about trainings, absences and birthdays.

- Features of employment:app Advanced at a glance...

• employee file – Detailed employee information which also includes detailed salary history and employee reviews, you can even attach a picture or manage equipment
• document management – Attach documents to every employee file
• search for skills – Make combined searches to find who you need
• absence management – Manage who is available and who is not, keep track of vacations, business trips and other absences
• training management – Create and manage employee trainings
• statistics – Review overall vacation days, sick rates and more by employee, teams and departments
• create a report – Export employees, print employee and equipment reports
• define customized reports
• preferences – Create master file entries to make your daily work easier
• And more to discover

- Design & interface features...

• Nice and simple interface
• Create master records for your convenience
• Copy employees to make your entries faster
• Drag&Drop for documents
• iCal Sync for birthdays, trainings and absences
• iCloud Sync for all data and documents, between your Macs
• Export to Excel or Numbers from all tables
• Send e-mails to your employees right out of employment:app
• Detailed Help Guide

If you are a smaller company and don’t need all features like absence management, training management and statistical information then check out our Basic Version, also available on the Mac App Store! For more features like user management and multi-user setup checkout our Extended Version.

- A little bit more in detail...

With employment:app Advanced you can manage your employees by creating digital personnel records including data like education, contract terms, salary etc. you can attach documents by simply dragging them to the employee file. You even can manage equipment and employee reviews.

You can apply detailed information for every single employee of your company. From personal information, address and contact data to education information as well as contract details. Additionally you can enter salary information and have a salary history in your employee files. And you can do even more, you are able to assign company equipment to employees and keep track who has which notebook, cell phone, car etc.

Absence management gives you the ability to manage absences of your employees like business trips, vacations etc. for your convenience employment:app Advance synchronizes with iCal automatically (if you want to). With skill you can create combined searches if you need a specific selection of employees.

You see all your employees at a glance on the main window can even add and hide different columns to customize your view. Use the included iCloud features to work on all your Macs. Now you can sync all Data between your Macs completely automatically. So you can work from everywhere you like.

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