Fan Fun 3D Free

パブリッシャー: Respect Studios
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You need a real brainstormer? Or maybe you need an addictive puzzle game? Dive deep in the insane puzzles of Fan Fun. Find the way out of each level, while trying to consumpt, as least energy as possible, to move the ball through the level. Collect all 3 diamond batteries to open the end level door and find a way to exit each level. Try to escape from the level before you run out of energy.
Collect PowerUps, to turn on some fan's and use them to help you move through the level. Teleport through the levels and change the gravity force to collect all level elements and reach the exit door...

15 Free brainstorming puzzles.
Beautiful 2D styled, 3D Graphics.
High resolution for retina display.
Progressive Difficulty.
Addictive levels with teleports, gravity changing, powerups.
Accurate Physics.
Addictive soundtrack.
Easy to play - touch and release.

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