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Hospital Manager – Build and manage a one-of-a-kind hospital

パブリッシャー: Microids
価格: 5.99 USD


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Head up a one-of-a-kind hospital and embark on the path to success!

Experience something novel, bursting with extraordinary phenomena and strange situations in your hospital! Only you have the power to make the best decisions and to make your hospital the most popular one! But beware: Several events will add some spice to your life!
Embark on the career of your life!

Choose and hire your doctors and employees, build the departments of your choosing, and manage your finances! Are you thrifty or a big spender? Would you rather pamper your patients instead of your banker? Make your own decisions!
You'll have many missions to accomplish, littered with all kinds of epidemics, patients with disturbing pathologies such as the zombie disease, the Chewbacca syndrome, and the moonwalk virus. Be on the lookout: Many events will spice up your rise, such as exterminating extraterrestrial germs and stopping toad contamination!
Customize your hospital down to the last details, buy high-tech equipment, choose rooms that will make your hospital center the most popular one!

• Use comprehensive management of your hospital to your advantage: You're the boss!
• Build your reputation with a large variety of factors
• Accomplish diverse and surprising missions
• Plunge into an explosive 3D cartoon style universe with wacky pathologies and situations!
• Experience a nonlinear adventure: Every decision will lead to different consequences, depending on when the action happens.
• A rich system of artificial intelligence that can adapt patient behavior to each of your actions and decisions!

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