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How many times have you copied something to the clipboard only to have it lost when you copied something else accidentally (or intentionally) a second time? iCopy is a simple yet an elegant utility that keeps a list of recently copied items to the clipboard making it easier to paste any or all of these when you need them again.

What you copy is what you get; iCopy can deal with and understand multiple clipping types and will allow you to paste the same clip or file between multiple documents, even in between system restarts. Copying HTML text, PDF, an RTF document, an email, image or anything else will appear exactly the same with all formatting intact when pasted.

- Resides in your system status-bar as an unobtrusive icon. Can be invoked with a configurable globally assigned hotkey.

- iCopy understands all popular formats and file types and will allow you to paste text/images/files/emails etc exactly as these were copied

- One-Click-Paste: *A single click on a clip from the menu list will paste it to the currently active window

- Bookmarked Clips: Bookmark frequently used clips with a single right-click. Bookmarked clips appear highlighted and survive reboots/relaunches or the 'clear history' option.

- Spotlight style 'grouped list' can be displayed by using an assigned hotkey or right-clicking on the menu icon.

- Mouse-drags Capturing: Captures any file, text, image etc you drag system wide and makes it available in clippings list

- Quick Look Previews: Files that you copy or drag & drop around the system get saved and appear with a small icon preview in the list. Hovering mouse over can optionally display Quick Look previews for recap.

- Editing Clips: Delete all or individual clips from the clippings history

- Search Clips: Search through your complete clippings history to find a particular piece of text you once copied

- Tooltips: Hover mouse over saved clips to see tooltips with complete clippings and the date when it was last copied.

- Several customizable options. iCopy works with a simple install without prerequisites or dependencies on other software.

* One-Click-Paste is an optional setting. Without this option ON you have the liberty to select a clip and manually paste it into any application. Switching it ON requires 'Access for Assistive Devices' from under System Preferences > Universal Access to be turned ON.


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