Internet Access Policy Viewer

パブリッシャー: Objective Development
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Have you ever wondered, to which servers on the Internet the apps that are installed on your computer connect to, which data they send and for which purpose they are doing so?

The Internet Access Policy gives answers to these questions. It’s a privacy initiative launched by Objective Development, inviting app developers to describe the Internet usage of their programs in a brief and easy to understand manner and to bundle this information right within their apps.

Internet Access Policy Viewer now lets you access this information in a convenient fashion. It shows you, which of your apps are already equipped with an Internet Access Policy, and it lets you examine their contents to learn more about where your apps connect to and what’s the purpose of these connections.

And it can also show you a list of other Mac apps whose developers take the privacy of their users seriously by participating in this initiative and including an IAP with their apps.

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