Micro Monster Truck — radio control games for kid

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Vroom, vroom, charge up your batteries - it's time to play with an RC truck.

This game for children aged 5-8 years old!

Drive on top of big cube pieces from dismantled building sets, fly down from a ramp, and altogether drive over narrow bridges, railroad tracks, and between fences. You will need to drive through, steer, climb down, drive up to things, back up, step on the brakes, hit the gas, turn around. A game for the true fans of off-road driving and RC trucks.

Drive up and down cubes, blocks, or panels. Arm yourself with patience and mastery so you won't fly off. Go around obstacles slowly, steer the car carefully. You got stuck between big blocks or drove off the road? No problem! Simply press the "Return" button, and do that again! Collect stars in difficult spots, be resourceful and patient so you can collect them all.

A mini RC monster truck in toy land.
12 diverse, colorful levels: from simple obstacles to incredibly complex ones assembled from building set parts.
Realistic car handling.
All levels are open from the start.

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